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Accommodations & Meals Package

Per Person     

Dorm Single    


Rates include 3 meals per day. Rates do not include course tuition. Lodging can only be booked as part of an Accommodations & Meals Package. Commuter Fee is required only for those not staying in Ta Ra accommodations. *5-night rate is based on weekday prices. **The following types of accommodations are usually available for monthlong programs (26- or 28-nights): A Double Deluxe, A Double Occupancy, B Double Occupancy, and Dorm Single. For more information, please call Ta Ra Registration: 845.268.17717 


Our Fully Renovated Environmentally Friendly Dorm.

Dorm Singles — Shared Bath
One of our most affordable lodging options, dorms are located uphill from mid-campus. A Dorm Single is a small private room with one twin bed, heat, air-conditioning, and free Wi-Fi. A hall bath is shared by 8-to-12 guests. Pillow and blanket are provided. Please bring your own sheets or sleeping bag, and towels, or you may rent these items from Ta Ra for a small fee. We make every effort to house guests in single gender dorms; however, depending upon enrollment, some dorms may be coed.


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