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Tibetan Medicine

The Tibetan medical system is one of the oldest known medical traditions in the world. It is a system developed over many centuries and is an intergral part of the Tibetan culture. Essentially, Tibetan medicine consists of philosophy, science, and healing practices that can help create and maintain a healthy mind and body. The Tibetan name for this holistic healing system is Sowa Rigpa, which means the science of healing. 


Dr. Tashi Rabten, during initial eveluation will approach diagnosis by incorporating techniques such as pulse analysis and urinalysis based on the following three theories:


1. Five Cosmic Elements

According to the Tibetan texts, the human body is based on the five cosmic elements: earth (solidity), water (fluidity), fire (heat), air (motility), and space (openness). These five elements must be harmonized for optimal health.


2. Three Basic Energies

Physical and mental health require a balanced circulation of three energies - Vital Wind, Bile and Phlegm. Vital Wind is related to stress imbalances, Bile is related to heat imbalances such as inflammation, and Phlegm is related to digestive imbalances. Each of these three energies has five sub-divisions that run throughout the channels, organs, tissues and coordinating centers of the body.


 3. Energy Balance

When energies are out of balance or impeded in their flow, health problem results. The underlying causes of imbalance are the "three poisons" desire, hatred and delusion. Immediate causes include poor diet, emotional shock or trauma, fatigue, tension, over-work, exposure to bad weather and microorganisms.


Herbal Consultation & Supplements


During consultaion,  Dr. Rabten will prescribe dietary modifications and herbal supplements derived from healing herbal plants which we cultivate in Cooperstown NY to treat your ailments. 


Our herbal supplements are carefully balanced in time-tested combinations and concentrations. The herbs are integrated based upon their specific portions such as roots for bone imbalances, bark for muscle imbalances, branches for nerve imbalances, leaves for imbalances in the hollow organs such as the intestines and gall bladder, flowers for imbalances in the sense organs like eyes and ears, and fruits for imbalances in the vital organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys. Our extensive formulation process enables the supplements to restore health imbalances naturally. 


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