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Winter 2018-2019: Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong with Matsu 

Mindfulness practice through movement at the Ta Ra Institute 



As Spring approaches, we see Mother Nature breathing new life and vitality into the world around us.

So let us do the same! Breathe, circulate your vitality or chi...move with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Choose one of our chi-generating classes at TaRa Wellness Center.

Experience "Mindfulness through movement” and expand your awareness, improve your balance, and awaken your chi flow.


Course: TAI CHI

This ongoing class, learning the 2nd third and 3rd third of the Tai Chi form, continues to meet Fridays 11:30am - 12:30pm. 

Repeating students are welcome to come review, as are others with previous movement experience that don’t mind joining the course already in progress. 

To join, contact: Margaret Matsumoto

Phone: 914-720-8646

Fee: $20 per class, payable to Ta Ra


If you prefer to start a Tai Chi course from the beginning with lesson #1, please add your name to Matsu’s wait list.

When we reach minimum enrollment of 6 people, we will notify you that the new beginner’s class is starting.

We’d like to meet Friday mornings, exact timeTBD.





Start date: this spring or summer, whenever we gather together a minimum of 6 students on our wait list for a Friday morning class.

Class time: TBD. Could be Fridays 10-11am or else, please request your preferred time.

To register, contact Margaret Matsumoto

Phone: 914-720-8646

Fee: $20 per class, payable to Ta Ra


Qigong (pronounced like “chee gung”) refers to a wide variety of “cultivation practices” that involve conscious breathing and Tai Chi movement.

Instead of an entire sequence of movements, qigong is often short basic movements that generate healing energy to address 

imbalance and even illness in the body. Sometimes it is preferred over the Tai Chi Form since the movements are simpler to learn and practice on one’s own. 

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