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 Zero Balancing Introduction with Roy Capellaro, PT    

Zero Balancing Training   (All ages)

​April 13th, 2017: Thursday 7:00 to 8:30 pm  

Location: 104 Lake RD, Valley Cottage, NY 10989

Course: Zero Balancing Training

Teacher: Roy Capellaro, PT


Enrollment Fee:  $20/ a class.

I have been a practicing physical therapist since 1978 when I graduated from the University of Maryland School of Physical Therapy.  Initially a student of music, my interest in the healing arts burgeoned in the seminal early 1970’s.  I immersed myself in disciplined meditation practice, prayer, oriental bodywork and movement-based activities such as Tai Chi, yoga, modern as well as African dance and surfing.  

This culminated with a fascination for classical Chinese acupuncture and the recognition that we could promote and foster healing by attending to the root causes of of dis-ease that lay within us.  I elected to pursue western medical studies in the field of physical therapy in order to have a deeper understanding of the body prior to formal acupuncture study. I reasoned that this would also enable me to work with a greater knowledge base supporting preventive medicine, health and well being. 

Full Course: Zero Balancing 1 Training, May 4-, 2017
Course Fee:  $695

Teacher: Roy Capellaro, PT
Registration: 845-512-8704

Payment: Check, CC, paypal

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