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Finding and Entering YOUR Inner and Outer Prosperity Portals 

Elaine Bartlett

At 7:00PM- 9:00PM, September 7, 2017


    Healing from the Inside-Out using Feng Shui and other Healing Modalities. 

    Naturally, ones song is composed of words.  Words are powerful: they are the magic wand of creation.  That which is spoken is created.  You are a live “broadcasting tower.”   Inadvertently, by your words you transmit signals that either empower and build, or dis-empower and destroy.

    If “looks could kill” carries meaning, imagine what the spoken word carries!  Have you ever “killed” anothers’ hopes, dreams, ideas, enthusiasm?  Have you ridiculed when support was sorely needed?   Gossiped?  Besmirched a reputation or held the smoking gun on a full-blown character assassination?

    Perhaps you were on the receiving end and it was your hopes and dreams that were destroyed.  Whether you were the “killer” or the “killee” the spoken word, is a potentially lethal weapon.  Be conscious of the psychological suffering that is carelessly inflicted on others by the use of thoughtless, careless, biting words.  They come back to bite the sender.  Always.

    In Rooster Year we have the golden opportunity to sing a Love Song to the planet  and to all of Her children.  Will your sacred song encourage, empower, uplift, inspire?  Choose your words well and wisely; after all, your words are the healing balm that is so necessary right now.  




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