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Finding and Entering YOUR Inner and Outer Prosperity Portals 

Elaine Bartlett

At 7:00PM- 9:00PMm August 31, 2017


     Finding and Entering YOUR Inner and Outer Prosperity Portals  (Learn where YOUR  Abundance Portal is in your home and much more.)  

    The “Purple Portal” is YOUR Cosmic, Feng Shui time to tune in, tap in and phone in!  So many folks phoned in last week both while I was LIVE on air and after I went off the air, that the owner of the station invited me to speak with you for 2 hours – for the next several weeks.

    This is your opportunity to learn Feng Shui secrets that pertain specifically to your happiness, health and well-being.  This is your opportunity to actually learn a bit about the ancient, authentic modality of Feng Shui, The Compass Method.





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